Dry kaki Hoshigaki box 5 fruit

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Dry kaki Hoshigaki (zero residue)

The dry Kakis are the bright red variety produced by the Hoshigaki method in our area, by a farmer friend who has the fields of kakis in cultivation in conversion to Ecological, therefore without chemical treatments.
With the Hoshigaki kaki drying system we get a new way to enjoy the flavor of the kaki throughout the year.
Hoshigaki is dry whole kaki without the skin unlike the dried kaki in ovens that is parched, this technique allows to have a high-quality tender kaki, considered by the great chefs as a delicacy.
The kaki is harvested when it reaches the optimum degree of maturation, leaving the stem a little long so we can tie it to hang it on a stick to dry in the sun, in our area we have an ideal climate since it is humid this helps to dry slowly.
With this method we get a delicate and exquisite bite in 4 or 6 weeks.

This Product was added to our catalogue on Friday, 17. January 2014.
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