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CAROB 500 gr (algarroba)
CAROB 500 gr (algarroba)
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CAROB 500 gr (algarroba)
CAROB 500 gr (algarroba)
CAROB 500 gr (algarroba)


As a food, the fruit pods can be ground to a cocoa-like powder, the high sugar content can be made of syrups or even alcohol can be obtained from it.
The carob tree has its home in East Africa. From there it spread to the entire Mediterranean and other continents. In its fruit pods and seeds are ingredients that contribute to medical or dietary use. Various sugars, pectin, tannins, mucus and minerals or flavonoids are essential ingredients. These are used in diarrheal diseases, celiac disease and the fatty stool, but are also the basis for dietetic foods or for the production of "cocoa powder", juices and alcoholic beverages.
The carob tree is quite a medicinal plant to see because its fruits are used as a remedy or valuable as a dietetic; on the other hand, most of its importance was in other areas. His fruits were able to survive in times when other foods were unavailable.
The locust bean gum is also a well-suited dietetic. It serves to thicken the food (e.g., with frequent vomiting of the infants) and is also suitable for the preparation of gluten-free dietetic products. Due to the low content of fats it can also be added calorie-reduced slimming diet or lowers supple cholesterol levels.
Remember: We can only send one product per box. (honey, olive oil...)

This Product was added to our catalogue on Wednesday, 04. October 2017.

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