Avocados Lamb "Hass" 1 kg

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Avocados "Hass" 

Contains: 1 kg--Avocados "Hass

How to prepare an avocado
Cut the avocado lengthwise, cutting it around the kernel. Then turn the two halves in opposite directions to disengage them. Do not remove the kernel unless you plan to consume the whole avocado at once.
If you only want to use half an avocado, then take half without a core. In the other half, leave the core. It contains special enzymes that keep the pruned fruit much longer while the kernel is still in it. By the way, some people like to give the core to their smoothie.
Now you can use a spoon to lift the pulp out of the fruit halves. If you want to make cubes, you can cut the pulp in the bowl with a knife "in check" and then take out the finished cube with a spoon.
The green flesh of the avocado quickly turns dark as soon as the fruit is cut. Protect those pieces of avocado that you do not want to use immediately with plastic wrap and keep them cool. You can also sprinkle lemon juice on the unused half to avoid further oxidation.
Remember: We can only send one product per box. (honey, olive oil...)

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