Seawater "Ibiza and Formentera" 750 ml

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Seawater "Ibiza and Formentera" in 750 ml glass bottle
Water extracted in the open sea, filtered, sterilized and packaged with all nutrients, minerals and trace elements.

Ibiza and Formentera Agua de Mar does not use chemical substances or materials that may alter the original composition of Agua de Mar in any of its stages.
This seawater can be drunk directly without diluting it, which is known as hypertonic water.
To drink it we will do it in small doses (30ml) and spaced during the day.
As an Isotonic drink, it is taken by diluting with natural mineral water. It is a healthy drink that gives us all the necessary minerals to feed our cells. Recommended for athletes, for the recovery of minerals after training. 1 to 3 ratio: in a small glass 1 part of Sea Water (30ml) and 3 parts of natural mineral water.
Maximum recommended daily dose 90 ml of Hypertonic Ultra-Filtered Seawater.
For personal use, such as mouthwash and toothpaste, disinfects and heals small wounds and mouth infections. As a nasal decongestant. As a disinfectant and healing of skin wounds. It fights heartburn, it is antibiotic, solvent and nutrient bactericide.

The extraction of Ibiza and Formentera Agua de Mar is carried out in the open sea within the first nautical mile, in areas where the minimum depth varies between 40 and 100 m.
and whose collection is made between 15 and 25 m. deep looking for rocky bottoms, out of bays, harbors, beaches,
and in general of inhabited areas where there could be any human activity that carries a risk for the quality of Seawater.

It uses different stages until the optimal filtering is reached for its use for human consumption. From the collection they make a first pre filtered
to avoid solid particles in suspension. Then they proceed to three different stages of filtration and sterilization,
finishing this last one with a microfiltrate of 0'20 microns for the use in kitchen and similar and an ultrafiltrate for its direct intake and similar.

They perform numerous quality analyzes of both the extraction zone and the final product.

The analyzes have different parameters, following the guidelines of Royal Decree 140/2013 and Royal Decree 1799/2010 that regulates the elaboration process
and commercialization of seawater packaged for human consumption.

Quantity: 750 ml


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