Kumquat 500 g

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contains  Kumquat 500 g

natural Valencian Kumquat ffrom crops without pesticide residues or herbicides, ripened on the tree in the sun and untreated after harvest.

 kumquat stands out from the start because of its high content of vitamin C, an indispensable essentialnutrient since it intervenes in the formation of bones and teeth, red blood cells and collagen, improves resistance to infections and is also antioxidant.
It also highlights the presence of folic acid (participates in the production of white and red blood cells, and is also essential before and during pregnancy), as well as minerals such as potassium (necessary for the transmission and generation of nerve impulses) and magnesium ( improves the immune system).
Of course, it is a fruit with a high energy value, although its consumption is advised within a healthy and balanced diet. Despite its energy value, it provides satiety, which is why it is also recommended for weight loss diets.

 Benefits of kumquat
 Like oranges and lemons, kumquat is a citric especially rich in vitamin C, by improving the functioning of the immune system (also highlights in this regard the presence of magnesium in its composition).
 kumquat properties
 It helps reduce the risk of degenerative diseases, cardiovascular diseases and cancer. It is also useful to increase the production of bile, improving digestion. While its fiber content favors and helps in intestinal transit.


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