Orange Blosson Honey 500 g

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Orange Blosson Honey

Glass container Orange Blosson Honey of 500 g

 When you open a quieronaranjas´honey jar, you´ll be able to smell the delicate orange-blossom scent in spring. 

As soon as flowers bloom, bees start working in order to elaborate our natural golden honey. After tasting our orange-blossom honey, you´ll see why it´s called the perfect nourishment of mother nature. 
This traditional orange blossom honey is produced by bees in the eastern part of Spain, more specifically in the Valencian community, where there is an abundance of orange, lemon and mandarin oranges.
 We call it traditional because it goes from the hive directly to the jar, without any previous process of heating or treatment.
This honey has a very fine flavor. It has a yellowish hue and an aroma that reminds us of the orange blossom flower, and they tend to crystallize slowly as long as they have not been heated before in the water bath. It should be noted that the honey of Azahar is not only well known in the Levantine zone, but also that they are known and wanted worldwide for their elegance and finesse. Enjoy the flavor of this natural food as well as its properties and benefits for health.

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