Lime 5 kg

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Box of Lime Valencian oranges are genuinely sweet, Fresh and juicy product. You won’t regret, Try them!

 Lime 5 kg

The taste of the lime is less acidic and its flavor is more intense than that of the lemon.

Limes have a diameter of only 3-5 cm and are smaller than lemons. But they have about the same size about twice as much juice as a lemon. The shell of the lime is thin, smooth and dark green and it exudes an intense floral odor. The green pulp and the juice of the lime are more acidic than the lemon
Limes are used like lemons. They are processed in sweet as well as hearty dishes, eg. Desserts, salads or fish. Their juice is often used for the preparation of cocktails, long drinks and bowling. Sliced, they often serve as decoration.
Storage information: At room temperature, limes can be stored for about one to two weeks.

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