walnuts from Valencia 1 kg (nuez)

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Walnuts from Valencia

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The nut
Try our Valencia nuts, they are grown in a reduced area, which is why it is difficult to find them for sale, they are more tasty than the imported nuts that are the most abundant in Spain, they have chemical treatments after the harvest to eliminate if there is any insect inside, and so that they last longer, but this modifies the taste.
We do not want to treat them nuts we send natural picked from the tree. It may be some nut go out failed this is symptom are natural, we normally detect them and remove them. We always put more nuts in case something goes wrong.
They presume to be the only dried fruit with a significant amount of omega-3, rich in proteins,
perfect to control blood pressure, cholesterol and all coronary risk factors. A "handful" of nuts makes the same paper as a serving of salmon. Good for the memory.
Take a handful of nuts as a snack, or you can mix it with your cereals, pasta, desserts, salads or entrees to give them a touch of flavor, crunchy and nutritious.
The nut, fruit of walnut, has a rich composition in nutrients, which give excellent health properties.
The consumption of this dry fruit contributes innumerable benefits to the organism, through its high content of proteins, vitamins of group B, essential amino acids like lecithin and oil in the form of omega-3 fatty acids. For all these reasons, adding nuts to your daily diet is very beneficial for your health.

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