Roasted corn 170 g

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Fried Corn (Kikos)

170  Fried Corn Pack
The Kiko is the dried fruit of roasted corn. It is made by peeling and softening the corn, either by cooking, or by soaking, after which it is fried, and finally salted. Crispy and tasty
Fried salted corn is a cereal that contains beneficial health effects derived from its high fiber content. A feature to note is its high iron content (more than spinach). It is the cereal with the highest protein content, which is why it is highly recommended especially for vegetarians.
Its use is very varied, due to its diuretic properties it is taken as an infusion in many countries, as a complement to cooking in the form of oil or flour and as a food in itself either whole or shelled. Its mass constitutes one of the fundamental pillars in Mexican gastronomy, it is used for the elaboration of all kinds of tortillas, quesadillas, burritos, tocos, ...
The most widespread gastronomic presentation is fried corn shelled, popularly known in Spain as Kiko (giant size).

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