Allioli Chovi 250 ml

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Allioli Chovi 

Dosing bottle of 250 ml of Allioli
Allioli Chovi: We offer you the delicious sauce of garlic puree, vegetable oil, egg and lemon.
An advantage of this sauce is that it does not have to be stored in the refrigerator, the Allioli Chovi is in a practical dosing bottle.
Very typical of Valencia hence its name Allioli in Spanish garlic and oil. The Allioli has a fresh flavor and combines well with grilled seafood, artichokes, meat, boiled eggs or simply boiled potatoes.
It is customary to take it with fish (especially with cod), with seafood (squid, cuttlefish, prawns, etc.), with grilled meats, grilled or grilled vegetables, or roasted potatoes, fried or boiled, rabbit a la Ember with garlic.
In Valencia it is also common to take it with some types of rice in paellas, especially those based on fish, such as arroz a banda, caldron and black rice, and with fideuá in many populations. It is also used to accompany fried fish, patatas bravas and calamari a la romana.

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