4 Points: Orange-Blosson Honey 500 g

Orange-Blosson Honey 500 g

What is the point changing  system?
QUIERONARANJAS.COM wants to thanks its costumers with a system of promotional points for orders on our online shop.
With every box you buy we add a point to your account.  The points will be accumulated in your account and they can be change to products or use for other reasons.
The points will be expired after six months of your last order. during this time they can be accumulated until you decide to use them.
To see the state and the total accumulated points, you must have access to your account and check in the order box, you will  see them.
How you can use the order points?
In the order box you can see the accumulated points and the points made for every order. And you can add free products with the points category. The points are exchanged in the same mode as buying products.
Can you earn points recommending the web to a friend?
Every time there are more customers who recommend us  to their friends, and in appreciation, now onwards, we give you one point for the first order of the friends you recommend us to.
The points for recommendation are created so that QUIERONARANJAS.COM and you benefit equally from them.
When you recommend quieronaranjas to a new customer, make us know and we compensate you with a point on his first order from quieronaranjas.
The more you recommend new customers to quieronaranjas, the more points you earn from us as a way of saying thanks for your confidence in us.  We certainly will never disappoint you or the new customers you recommend us to.
Conditions of use
.  These points are only available to registered customers of quieronaranjas.com and are not to be commercialise.
.  The points are acquired and applied only with online valid purchases through quieronaranjas.com.
.  The points are not transferable between customers.
.  Under no circumstances can the points bought or sale.
.  The point cannot be accumulated through cancelled or unrealized orders. 
.  The honey is send with an orange box order.  Never alone.
NOTE: Quieronaranjascom reserves the right to change these rules at any time without notice.


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