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Bull Bomba Rice 1 kg

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Bomba Rice 1 kg
Bomba Rice 1 kg
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Bomba Rice 1 kg
Bomba Rice 1 kg
Bomba Rice 1 kg
Bomba Rice 1 kg

Bomba Rice

Rice of Valencia Variety Bomba 1 kg
The arroz de Quiero oranges of the Bomba variety is the ideal rice for its special cooking and broth making properties for all the typical dishes of the traditional Mediterranean cuisine (Paella, arroz a banda ...)
It is selected among the best fields of the natural park of Albufera. This rice is subjected to rigorous quality controls of the prestigious appellation of origin "Arroz de Valencia".
The rice bomb has a reputation and a special recognition because it has very unique characteristics. It is an ancient variety whose first written references are located in 1913 (year of creation of the Rice Station of Sueca). It is a variety of very low production that, however, has continued to be cultivated due to its peculiar culinary behavior that makes it very appreciated by the consumer. In the first place, it is a rice with great capacity to absorb the flavor, as well as the other rice varieties of the Denomination of Origin Arroz de Valencia. The pump, in addition,
is characterized because it offers us a firm and loose grain. Once the grain is cooked it evolves positively since as it cools, the grain acquires a greater consistency (unlike most commercial varieties) and exudes part of the liquid absorbed during cooking, making it more tasty and juicy a few minutes after being removed. of fire. Another important advantage when using the pump is its resistance to overcooking. Once the starch is gelatinized, the grain opens transversely instead of longitudinally, so it maintains a pleasant texture even if we prolong the cooking for a few minutes after it has been cooked.
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